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Stones Patla Kijie

“The idea with Dorette is that you can wear the pieces all the time—when you do your gardening, when you do the dishes. It’s jewelry you cannot lose. I am not going to start adding security devices to the jewelry because you can always see those. You increase your chances of losing them if you take them off and put them back on.” Catherine Levy

Interview by The Skirt Chronicles, Photographed by Marie Déhé and Styled by Sarah de Mavaleix


Holy Water

My first encounter with the Greek islands was in 1980 at the tender age of one. I believe it was the island of Skiathos that initiated this relationship that has stood the test of time for thirty-nine years now. That was the first time I got baptized in the holy waters of the Aegean; the first time the sea accepted my body as a sacrifice.

Written and Photographed by Chris Kontos

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Eleanor Coppola

The people that don’t seek the spotlight tend to be the most intriguing. Eleanor Coppola is one of these. She has documented the creative ups and downs of her large family of artists, but has also managed to remain on the sidelines of fame with respect to her own artistic practice.Best known for her critically acclaimed documentary Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse, few people know her as the multidisciplinary artists she is. The powerful body of work she has created, independently of her family's movie making business, has been challenging the limits of what art can be since the 1960’s. Now in her eighth decade, she is the latest member of the artistic Coppola clan to enter the movie making world and is putting a life’s worth of creation into storytelling.

Interview by Christopher Niquet, Photographs courtesy of Eleanor Coppola


The Magic of Playsuits and Dungarees

The habit of wearing playsuits and dungarees started when I finally put away the flimsy Indian dresses I had been into for a while too long. Ten years of wearing them nonstop, in both summer and winter, was enough. Yes, winter but with too many layers.

Written by Jessica Ogden and Photographed by Alfredo Piola