The Skirt Chronicles is a Paris-based publication by Sarah de Mavaleix, Sofia Nebiolo and Haydée Touitou that was launched in March 2017 at Librairie Yvon Lambert in Paris. Granting the same importance to photography as it does to the written word, The Skirt Chronicles is a title exploring literature, fashion, culture and beyond.

In 2018, The Skirt Chronicles won the Editor of the Year prize at the Stack Awards in London where the judges defined the magazine as “fresh, classy, surprising, and emotional”.

This collaborative platform is proud to include talented individuals however young or old their souls might be: Graphic Designers C’estainsi, Copy Editor Natalie Cenci, Joana Avillez, Marc Beaugé, Gauthier Borsarello, Jorge de Cascante, Marie Déhé, Tim Elkaim, Gillian Garcia, Marion Jolivet, Alexandre Khondji, Rob Kulisek, Brigitte Lacombe, Inès Longevial, Justin Morin, Yelena Moskovich, Albert Moya, Umar Nadeem, Christopher Niquet, Luna Paiva, Hugo Partouche, Ida Skovmand, Andrea Sportono, Shin Okishima, Dan Thawley, Camille Vivier, Emily Wells, Robbie Whitehead and many others who will be featured in upcoming volumes.

The Skirt Chronicles is distributed in over one hundred points of sale throughout the world, from Paris to Los Angeles; from Buenos Aires to Bangkok. After taking care of our own distribution for the first four issues, we are proud to now be working with Antenne Books for Europe and the United States.

Other words about The Skirt Chronicles include:

“The Skirt Chronicles may not be the fashion magazine you expect in the first place but it has a lot of other treasures for you which are indeed priceless: offering you perfect hide-out, a locus luminosity in your mind – far far away.”

"Born from a strong friendship and nice chats about dreams, fashion and print, the independent magazine explores different cultures, appeals different generations, and represents the feminine voice making sure to include everyone.”

“Sarah, Haydée & Sofia are some of the smartest, coolest, and most enthusiastic people we've been involved with in a long time.”

"This friendship feeds into the craftmanship of their magazine, which aims to showcase collaborative workings across several cultures and generations.”

« Clever and chic, but also accessible and unassuming, this is skillful magazine making that creates a brilliantly characterful read. »

Steve Watson, Stack Magazines.